Monday, August 3, 2009

A strange day in HL2

For no particular reason, I decided that one of the combine turrets (from the last defence point before Alex catches up with you) might like to come with me and add its support whilst waiting on the transporter. It had a somewhat game-breaking effect.

Having got the turret to where you see Judith it goes ape trying to kill her through the glass. It does not have a problem with Alex though.

Once in the same room with Judith it continues to try to kill her, perhaps it doesn’t trust her either. After a while though it unsuccessfully gives up. From then on it seems to consider her a friend.

After that all seemed to be going fine and I had one extra turret to help fend of combine while the transporter warmed up, great. I set it up to cover the two npc's while they bickered at each other and waited for Alex to unlock the other turrets.

However all did not go to plan.....

You all remember Eli Vance and how un-killable he is. I'd forgotten that he gets delivered to the transporter area. The turret was more on the ball and as soon as the pod Eli was in came into range it opened fire.

Poor fellow was dead before the pod doors opened and just fell to the ground!

Alex and Judith just stood there in what can only be described as npc shock! In other words total lack of script.
But isn't just like human shock, total lack of script?

They just stood in silence either side of his contorted figure, exchanging worried glances and generally looking lost. And that is where it ended, without Eli the game could not progress.

I reloaded and this time aimed the bloodthirsty turret somewhere else, but still all was not right. The presence of this turret obviously upset the other turrets as they started shooting at me as well as the combine. Something was wrong with them too, scared perhaps, because they just did not come. One or two showed up but it was no more tense than waiting for a lift in a 5 star hotel lobby.


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