Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cutting Wheels

The Wheel; the invention which we think of as being the most important in our development. However I would argue that before we could make the wheel we would need an axe or some cutting implement. A blade of some sort would have occurred before the wheel, would have been instrumental in making the wheel and would have been needed to go hunt for lunch while taking a break from building the first wheel.

The Blade was what gave us our first set of really sharp teeth, made us into hunters we became and whittled society into shape. Therefore is it not our most important invention?

I think that it is more palatable to think of mankind as creative inventor rather than reactive arms developer, but that is our nature, we have cut not rolled our way though history.

A subtle notion I have, which some may feel to be far too far fetched, is that by considering the wheel to be more important that the blade we are able to ignore our destructive nature. I think that it is important to own the hunter in us all and I think that if we considered the blade to be the most important invention we would naturally be led to wonder about our aggressive nature as well as our creative nature.

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